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Woman Gets Nipped After Helping A Family Of Geese Cross The Road


They say that no good deed goes unpunished and it seems like the poor woman in this video knows that better than anyone else out there! She was driving in her car when she came across a pretty heartbreaking sight — a whole family of geese were struggling to cross the road. With the amount of vehicle traffic that day, there was a high chance that this could very well end in tragedy.

The woman did what just about any of us would do. She put her emergency blinkers on, got out of her car, and ushered the whole family from one side of the road to the other. Two adults and nine fluffy baby geese all managed to make it to the other side without incident, but unfortunately, that’s where things started to get a bit sour.

While the two adult geese managed to step onto the curb leading to the sidewalk, it seems the nine babies were in a bit of bad luck. They all clamored to climb up the small cliff, but none of them were big enough to make it!

The woman, realizing she was holding up traffic in a pretty bad way, quickly went over to the babies in an attempt to scoop them up over the side to safety. And that’s when the mama goose decided that she didn’t like that human touching her babies!

You can’t blame the mama goose for following her instincts, but it certainly must have been a bit annoying for the woman to be nipped at by mom while trying to help. Nature has a funny way of treating us humans sometimes and it seems like this woman learned it the hard way!

Thankfully, she managed to hastily plop all of the babies up onto the curb with minimal goose bites. She fell over once, but you really have to respect the fact that she never gave up trying to help. This woman is what you’d call a real animal lover!

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