Amazing Cop Gifts A Pair Of Boots To A Tired Homeless Man

It’s an unfortunate state of affairs when you realize that there are so many people who pass by the homeless every single day without giving them a glance or a second chance at life.

But we really shouldn’t judge the people who pass by the homeless, we have no idea what’s going on in their lives, and focusing on the negative never helps. What we should instead do is focus on the good in these kinds of stories. The little moments of humanity that help us all to remember that there are millions of people out there, even in your own community, who could use a helping hand.

While the huge issue of homelessness will take some serious thought, time, and money to solve on a large scale, it certainly doesn’t hurt to see if there’s anything we can do to help a neighbor if they just happen to be down on their luck.

The news these days seems to be filled with a lot of anti-police media coverage, but when someone caught a cop doing this to a homeless man, this one photo went viral for all the right reasons. And once again, this cop showed that a vast majority of these men and women really want to protect and serve the people in their community, no matter what their living situation.

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The brave men and women of the El Paso Police Department have always been dedicated to keeping their city safe.

They’ve won countless awards for good community service and are well known for their respect for everyone who lives within their borders.

But when they aren’t out on the beat, catching criminals and stopping crime, you might find them sharing tender moments with the less-well-off people of their community.

A homeless man needed a place to keep warm, so he was staying inside the local Lowe’s. When it came time for the store to close, they called the police to transfer him to a homeless shelter.

Officer Jose Flores saw that this man was in dire need of some new shoes, so before he took him to the shelter, he went ahead and purchased some boots, socks, and gloves to keep warm in the winter.

This cop had no idea he was being photographed, and it should stand as a reminder that though we might not be able to beat homelessness just this moment, we can help fight it and help out our neighbors!

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