Husband Slices Through Huge Tree With Chain Saw After Hurricane Traps His Pregnant Wife At Home

Moms and dads who’ve already had kids pretty much know how to prepare for another baby. When the day comes, they usually have the necessary items at the ready. But I think it’s safe to say that a chain saw is probably not one of those items.

However, it was for Mehrvarz Yavaliollah when Hurricane Irma raged through the southeastern coast of the United States. The hurricane dropped a tree right on his home in Buckhead, Georgia, damaging the roof and trapping him and his wife, Heather.

Unfortunately, Heather’s water broke soon after, a month before her scheduled due date.

“Everything looked fine and we were not expecting anything to happen, and then Irma came along and changed all of that,” Heather recalled.

The couple was stuck. Though Mehrvarz could escape, getting his pregnant wife past the tree and debris outside while she was in labor would be an entirely different story.

So, he decided make his way out of the house and retrieve his chain saw from the shed. And luckily, he had some help!

“My wonderful neighbors saw me outside,” he said. “They kind of knew the situation, so they started grabbing limbs as I was cutting them off and helped move them to the street. [I’m] so very thankful to them.”

With the help of his chain saw, Mehrvarz and the neighbors were able to free his wife and get her to the hospital.

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