Pregnant Mom Stranded In Hotel During Hurricane Harvey Has Emotional Talk With Rachael Ray

Before Hurricane Harvey struck their home in Port Aransas, Texas, a heavily pregnant Danielle Weeks planned to stay in a hotel until it passed. Then, she would be transferred to the hospital to deliver her baby and go back home.

But just days before giving birth, Danielle learned her home had been destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. Her family’s RV flipped over; its precious contents spilled into the flood.

Danielle and her family — her husband, their two young kids, and her unborn baby — were holed up in a hotel room in Corpus Christi. She remained in that room, in the eye of the storm, waiting to have her required Cesarean section.

Rather than focusing on what they’d lost, the Weeks family prioritized the health and well-being of Danielle and the unborn baby girl.

Incredibly, Danielle delivered a healthy baby, Loralynn, right in the midst of Hurricane Harvey. The family of five is now homeless, and their community has been completely ravaged.

As long as they’re together and safe, they consider themselves OK. But when Rachael Ray heard about the family’s story, she and her team knew they had to help.

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If you’re looking to help the victims of the recent hurricanes, consider donating to the Red Cross, or take a look at these eight ways you can lend a hand.

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